Hauge Family Microfinance Burundi (HFM) was created in 2013 and received its license in 2014 to operate as a microfinance institution. Drawing upon its name (HAUGE is inspired by Hans Nielsen HAUGE who alone founded more than 30 companies and brought skills, new technologies and motivation to create workplaces and develop people with high ethical standards. Teamwork, courage and innovation are key words that replace laziness and despair.


Our Mission

Equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness of will which the same as saying.

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Honesty, Availability.

  • We identify and value the poor
  • We exist to serve
  • We exist to provide timely and quality services
  • We are stewards
  • We work and keep our integrity high

Our Vision

HFM’s vision is to RELEASE and to EMPOWER the productive poor in the rural AREA.

Evolution of
Hauge Family Microfinance Umuryango

Company Started

was started in the middle of the year 2014 in one Burundian province: Bururi. As with other MFIs operating in Burundi, HFM struggled during its early stage and especially during the past two years HFM has not grown significantly.


The Political And Economic Situation

From 2015, the political and economic situation has not been good as evidenced by the increase in inflation. The Burundi Franc continued to lose value against the dollar a question may affect our Operational activity. Prices suddenly change because of inflation. This effect translates into market dynamics to a more challenging for our customers, because their purchasing power is adversely affected.


HFM Has Expanded

From 2016 and 2017, HFM have expanded to scale financial access in five provinces with underserved rural areas thanks to Fund supports from NORAD. challenges remain, but optimism is greater!


Opened Office In Bujumbura

In 2018 Bujumbura for Office is also opening in order to reach adequate management requirements for HFM to start thinking stand on its own without donor aid.


We Open 2 News Branches

In 2019 MUZINDA and KIRUNDO SELLERS SERVICES CENTERS are opened with the full support of HFM



We provide a ladder of opportunity to provide microfinance services to the rural population of Burundi who does not have easy access to banking services in the rural area as we proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” HFM staff need to be transformed spiritually in order to transform Burundian families Burundian families can only be transformed spiritually if our clients are spiritually transformed Spiritual transformation starts by ensuring that clients are born again and are growing spiritually.


Economic transformation starts by training and giving loans to clients and as they move from one cycle to another they grow their businesses. They therefore earn more, live good life in abundance


Social transformation involves helping Burundians to live in peace and unity by forgetting about their differences ethnically, religiously, regionally, by eliminating all forms of discrimination among Burundians. This is done through peace and reconciliation program Productive poor people in the rural areas are empowered with small business loans and vital financial training can afford the cost of education to keep their children in school and are contributing to the development of their communities.


Culture transformation involves training our clients on biblical values that will suppress the bad cultures. This can be done by having devotions in every meeting with clients. HIV education is part of the cultural transformation as this problem will be eliminated if people are culturally transformed In its main mission HFM educates, assists, supports the population in the management of credit and saving culture. HFM provides them education on savings and solidarity culture through credits received to make a margin that could be invested in future.