HFM is operating in 6 provinces over 18 with 4 full-service branches, including the HFM’s headquarter located in the city of Bujumbura Currently , HFM is reaching its clients located across the country thru the mobile phone.


  • We are determined to identify and support transformation of the people oriented in business and who are willing to improve their communities.
  • Transforming the mindset of poverty and dependence of the population in a productive and prosperous mindset through training.
  • Allow active poor to use the God-given talents to income generating purposes.
  • Serve the poor, particularly those in rural areas to promote the creation of employment and increased incomes through sustainable micro enterprise.
  • Achieve sustainable, community based informational development focused on the well-being of poor populationTransformation involves 4 main components:
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Economic transformation
  • Social transformation
    We wish to take another step with them enable them realizing their business ideas thru value chain process and food transformation.
    Entering in SME sector with them will be a great joy to all of us!


We provide a ladder of opportunity to provide microfinance services to the rural population of Burundi who does not have easy access to banking services in the rural area as we proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
HFM staff need to be transformed spiritually in order to transform Burundian  families
Burundian families can only be transformed spiritually if our clients are spiritually transformed
Spiritual transformation starts by ensuring that clients are born again and are growing spiritually.


Economic transformation starts by training and giving loans to clients and as they move from one cycle to another they grow their businesses. They therefore  earn more, live good life in abundance


Social transformation involves helping Burundians to live in peace and unity by forgetting about their differences ethnically, religiously, regionally, by eliminating all forms of discrimination among Burundians. This is done through peace and reconciliation program

Productive poor people in the rural areas are empowered with small business loans and vital financial training can afford the cost of education to keep their children in school and are contributing to the development of their communities.


Culture transformation involves training our clients on biblical values that will suppress the bad cultures. This can be done by having devotions in every meeting  with clients. HIV education is part of the cultural transformation as this problem will be eliminated if people are culturally transformed

In its main mission HFM educates, assists, supports the population in the management of credit and saving culture.

HFM provides them education on savings and solidarity culture through credits received  to make a margin that could be invested in future.


Together we shall shape a better economy, supporting families and offering hope through the HFM’s Guiding Principles.

  • Will you join us?
  • Have you found joy in your life?
  • Did your life brought joy to others?


To prepare for a bright future for HFM clients.

We appreciate the fact that we cannot work in isolation. We need to partner with both local and international stakeholders in order to achieve our goals.

To prepare for a bright future for HFM clients, we have management and the Board of Directors meetings in order to align our Mission and Vision, our thinking with our business strategies.


Together guided by a common vision and purpose we shall be able to steer the HFM to even greater heights of success and prosperity.

Every person empowered begins with someone like you. It starts with a life, impacts a family, and transforms a community! and together we can make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve when they need it most. From their very first savings group meeting, members start to look beyond surviving today, and look to the future to dream of what could be.